Now that we got your attention, let us give more information on which photography tours should you decide, either in Athens (daily photo tour) or our multi day photography tours in Greece (Santorini, Tinos & Meteora). Check out the following tours and decide based on your available time and interest.

Athens daily Photography Tours

Daily Athens Photography tour

Daily Athens Photography Tour

We start on the foothills of Acropolis and by walking in the scenic paths of Plaka, we discover a different city of Athens. You will walk thru Zappeio and discover the Panathinaiκon stadium, the place where the Olympic Games of 1896 took place. Our way leads us to interesting places.

Full Day Athens Photo tour

Full Day Athens Photography Tour

A private photo adventure in the center and outskirts of Athens. From the famous & ancient Parthenon to the foothill of Acropolis Hill, thru the main archaeological monuments. From the highest point inside the city, we continue our walk thru central neighborhoods.

Night Athens Photo tour

Night Athens Photography Tour

Depending on the time of year we start one hour before sunset, for a Night Athens Photo Tour (typically 2 hours), following an ancient path around Acropolis focusing on sunset, flash photography, low light photography etc. Be sure to bring a tripod, or ask us to bring one for you!

Sunrise Athens Photo tour

Sunrise Athens Photography Tour

Join our professional photographer early in the morning for a Sunrise Athens Photo Tour, as you will find your way up to Filopapou hill overlooking the Acropolis hill, and Parthenon. You will be guided to a scenic spot where you can watch the sunrise as it unfolds in the Greek capital.

Full Day Peloponnese Photo tour

Full Day Peloponnese Photography Tour

A private photo adventure away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Athens. Discover the photography highlights of Peloponnese, Corinth canal, Epidavros ancient theater, Mycenae archaeological site and Nafplio town accompanied by a professional photographer.

Athens Photo Tour with a Professional Photographer

Athens Photo Tour with a Pro Photographer

Explore Athens on a walking tour with your private photographer in an Athens Photo Shoot. While visiting some of Athens most picturesque locations, your photographer will capture images of you against a backdrop of ancient Greek landscapes, city streets, or colorful neighborhoods.

Upcoming Multi Day Photography Tours

Greece Photo Tour

Greece Photo Tour

Panorama of Greece Photo Tour is a 10 days journey across unique iconic Greek scenery. We will embark on a unique photography trip, a Greece Photo Tour, across the most interesting places in Athens, famous Santorini island, magical Northern Peloponnese region, the Zagori, villages complex and Meteora ancient rocks formation.

2019 & 2020 dates announced

Santorini - Tinos Photo tour

Santorini Tinos Photo Tour

Our Greek islands Santorini Tinos Photo tour, the one tour we host twice a year. Travelling to the beautiful island of Santorini and the traditional island of Tinos, islands offers the perfect background for landscape photography, seascape photos and a variety of rocks scenery that you can not find anywhere. Sun, sea and food, perfect Greece!

24-28 June 2019

Meteora Zagori Photo tour - Join a photography adventure in northern Greece

Meteora Zagori Photo Tour

Once in a lifetime photo tour to North Greece, is the 7days Meteora Zagori Photo Tour. Travelling to these North Greece locations, Meteora offers incredible photography moments, perfect background for landscape photography, unique scenery. Zagori, a complex of 46 small traditional stone build villages also known as Zagorochoria, is an unspoiled place in North West Greece.

20-26 October 2018

Santorini Photo Tours, unique landscapes and photo shoots!

Tour the island with a professional photographer capturing the unique and majestic landscapes Santorini has to offer. You are booking a private photography tour in one of the most iconic and unique landscapes of Greece. Explore Santorini on a walking tour with your private photographer on a Santorini Photo Shoot. While visiting some of Santorini most picturesque locations, your photographer will capture images of you and your companions against a backdrop of Aegean islands’ landscapes, blue and white streets, or colourful Santorini villages.

Santorini Photo Tour

Santorini Photo Tour

Santorini - Tinos Photo Tour - September 2017

Full Day Santorini Photo Tour

Santorini - Tinos Photo Tour - September 2017

Santorini Photo Shoot

Meteora Photo Tours Exploring the holy monasteries!

A magical north Greece, unique place to visit. Accompanied by a professional photographer that will guide you into landscape and scenery photography, designed for all photography levels. We visit this beautiful North Greece scenery and photograph available light the most interesting villages, landscapes, found in Meteora and Zagori.  Click one of tours below for more information and booking options.

Athens to Meteora by train Photo tour

Athens to Meteora by train

Full Day Meteora Photo Tour

Full Day Meteora Photo Tour

Full Day Zagori Photo tour

Full Day Zagori Photo Tour