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We have been offering photoshoots in Greece, especially in Athens and Santorini island, for the past five years. Our Athens Photographers offer photoshoots, surprise proposals, honeymoon photoshoots, family sessions and more. We host more than 250 photoshoots in Athens alone, maintaining a five star review rate! Check out our Tripadvisor reviews.

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Travelling to other destinations in Greece? We offer photo shoots in Santorini and Meteora as well.

Athens is a famous city which is visited by millions every year (more than 5.5 million travelers visited in 2018, between January to December). It’s one of the most beautiful and full of history, city in Greece. Save time and money by hiring a vacation photographer in Athens to capture those photos that you will cherish for a lifetime. In a nutshell you will want to avoid huge crowds that roam the tourist areas. Let us help you avoid that! If you are looking to hire a photographer in Athens, for a photo shoot, you have come to the right place!

What to expect when travelling to Athens

Athens is the capital and the largest city in Greece. One of the oldest cities in the world, with a recorded history spanning over 3.500 years. The history is evident in Athens, found in the great ancient monuments, Parthenon being the most unique and recognizable from all. The Acropolis of Athens is the ancient citadel found atop a hill overlooking the city of Athens. We will be exploring the small alleys of Plaka, the old city in Athens, as well as make our way to places with great views of the acropolis hill. Anafiotika is another neighborhood at the foothill of Acropolis, with a distinct architecture found only at the Cyclades islands.

Already decided? Go on and book your photographer in Athens for the hours that you need. Ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours photo shoot, there are different itineraries to follow based on time booked. Our Athens photo shoots are available all year round.

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Best time of the year to visit Athens

Athens is probably the only place in Greece enjoying huge tourist growth every year. That being said Greece’s weather is so nice you can visit Athens nearly all year. May, June, September, October and November is the best time of the year to enjoy a vacation in Athens.

Peak summer months July and August are the busiest months in Athens. From December to April you will find moderate weather, little rain and some clouds. It’s definitely a time of the year to visit if you are on a budget or on the lookout for lower prices. These months are the coldest, also.

We plan our photo shoots depending on the time of year, so you don’t have to worry about the small details. Our photographer in Athens will discuss with you the best places and ideal time of the day for the perfect photo shoot. We take all the hassle of you!

Where to go for your Athens photoshoot

Maybe the most iconic photos you see from Athens are from Plaka and Anafiotika neighborhoods. Walking around the Acropolis hill we visit those small alleys and hills overlooking the city. The views from Filopapou hill are breathtaking and Athens has a vast coastline and beautiful beaches to visit. All these wonderful sites can be part of your photo shoot with a photographer in Athens. We also visit Areios Pagos hill, which features a photography vantage point with a view of the entry of Acropolis.

Depending on the month you travel we recommend to start early at Plaka, either at 08:00 or 09:00 every morning. The other obvious choice is to schedule the Athens photo shoot in the evening to catch the magic of sunset. Depending on the season we start late 18:00 or 19:00 in the evening.

Anafiotika is a small neighbourhood inside Plaka, on the foothill of Acropolis hill. It was built during King Otto reign from stone workers (also carpenters, marble workers) from the island of Anafi (which is next to Santorini. They started coming to Athens to be part of the working force that remodelled King’s palace. A wonderful and amazing maze of anarchy built alleys that resembles the Cycladic (Aegean sea) architecture.

Probably the best place to get amazing vantage point view of the Acropolis is Areios Pagos hill. A great place to stroll either morning or evening with a photographer in Athens. The short walk from the base to the top of the hill gives a lot of photo opportunities. This is a wonderful place to view the sunset as well.

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Is Lycabettus hill equally beautiful?

Lycabettus hill is the highest point in Athens. The views are spectacular, especially the view to acropolis hill at sunset. From Lycabettus hill you can also appreciate the better half of Athens city, also get reminded how close is the Aegean sea to Athens! A romantic getaway from the center of Athens, especially popular for people visiting Athens. For some people the sunset from Lycabettus hill overlooking Acropolis hill and the Parthenon is the most beautiful place in Athens, especially during the spring, summer and fall months.

Lycabettus hill is a well-known tourist destination, you can use the Lycabettus funicular to climb up top the hill where you will find, a coffee shop, a restaurant and the church of Saint George.

Filopapou hill, best views of the Parthenon

Filopapou hill is on the south side of acropolis hill offering some of the nicest views of the acropolis hill. Especially after you reach the top of the hill, you are confronted with a side view of the Parthenon building plus the whole of the acropolis hill. This place is requested the most from people that want to propose!

Is Athens suitable for a surprise proposal?

Filopapou hill and Lycabettus hill, are also high on the list of people wanting to propose. We offer two surprise proposal packages in Athens. You can book an Athens Photographer for a surprise proposal and a photoshoot the same day or split the surprise proposal and photoshoot in two days. That way you can let her (or him) get ready for the photoshoot the day after the surprise proposal!

Interested in finding a photographer for a surprise proposal? Get in touch and we will send you more information. Where to go for a proposal in Athens, advice on how to do this so your can get the best photos and even restaurant recommendations for afterwards.

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What to wear? Can i change outfits?

Well, try to imagine Athens, if you haven’t visited before. What is the first thing that pops into your mind? Small colorful houses, maze of alleys and blue sky. Anything that will make you pop from the background (colourful) is usually flattering. Want to go to the same colour palette? White and blue is awesome and you will be in style with the Athenian colours. As this is a walking photoshoot from location to location, flats or easy to walk shoes are essential. You can bring your beloved high heels and change every time we start taking photos.

You are most welcome to bring a change of outfits, or two!  We have plenty of time and you will be able to change outfits along the way.

How much time to book when hiring a photographer in Athens

Glad you asked! We have segmented time based on which places you want to visit during your stay in Athens. 1 or 2 hours or a full day. Read why we don’t recommend the one (1) hour photo shoot, but we still offer it!

Two hours Athens Photo Shoot. Visit Plaka, Anafiotika and a hill overlooking acropolis. Enjoy plenty of time to take the best photos in each location. You will meet your photographer on site and walk between each location.

Three hours Athens Photo Shoot. Visit Plaka, Anafiotika, Areios Pagos and Filopapou hill overlooking acropolis. Our photographer will meet you and together you will enjoy a more relaxed photo shoot. As always a personal orientation of the city is included with all our photo shoots.

Full Day Athens Photo Shoot. An eight hours photo shoot extravaganza! Together with your photographer you will visit Plaka, Anafiotika, Filopapou hill, Lycabettus hill, Academy of Athens and more to stage the perfect photos from your trip in Athens. A once in a lifetime experience to have visited and have photos from the most picturesque places in Athens. Hotel pick-up, drop-off and transportation between spots are included at no extra cost. Makeup and hair stylist services also included. This is our preferred photoshoot duration for couples that want to have a pre wedding engagement photo shoot in Athens. Contact us to send you a quote!

One hour photo shoot. Though we currently not recommend it, we understand that people might have minimum time for this shoot. Choose between Plaka and Anafiotika and book your photographer in Athens, here.

How many people can i book?

All our Athens photo shoots are time based. If you book for more than 4 people, consider booking the two hours photo-shoot package in order to have adequate time for all. For groups of 10 people and more, consider booking at least three hours. We need enough time to walk between spots especially if you have a list of favorite photos to be taken. Extra hours are available on request.

Hire a photographer in Athens for a photo shoot

What type of photo shoots we offer in Athens

Athens is a paradise for everyone! Solo travelers love the Greek capital, while couples schedule a stop to spend some intimate time on their honeymoon. A romantic and relaxing getaway from busy life. One will want to propose to his girlfriend in Athens, it will be the perfect plan! Athens is also a well known weddings destination every year!

Pre wedding or Engagement. Flying to Athens for your pre-wedding? Do you dream of going back with an amazing set of engagement photos from Athens? You will need at least three hours or a full day (8 hours) scheduled for an engagement shoot. Pre-wedding photo shoots in Athens are very common. You will want to show some diverse scenery so book a photo shoot with amazing views (Acropolis and Parthenon) and Plaka full of traditional alleys and colors. Hire a photographer in Athens for at least three hours or a full day.

Surprise Proposal. Every year we work with so many people organising and setting up the perfect surprise proposals in Athens. Athens has some of the most excellent views in Greece, no wonder a surprise proposal in Athens would be the perfect start for your marriage. Finding the perfect spot, organising the perfect time is a lot, let us help you. We can also recommend a nice restaurant to end the day with style! We started offering a second option which includes an evening surprise proposal with a 30 mins photo-shoot plus an hour of photo-shoot in a different place the next day, usually morning.

Honeymoon couples. Athens is a top worldwide destination for couples on their honeymoon. Every year besides a big number of weddings, thousands of couples choose Athens and the Aegean islands for their honeymoon. You would want to decide on the time of the day that you are going to have your photo shoot, see above for choosing time and place. Some couples want to bring their wedding dress and groom suit and have like a next day destination photo shoot to compliment their wedding. We recommend choosing two or four hours for all honeymoon couples wanting to hire a photographer in Athens.

Weddings or Elopements. This is a different type of photo shoot, which needs a lot of planning before the actual day. You will want to set time for our photographer to capture your getting ready sessions, the wedding ceremony and formals of the bride & groom and the wedding party. Also you might need to allocate an hour of photography before getting to the wedding reception for a complimentary photo shoot of the wedding couple. We usually offer wedding or elopement photography packages than span from four to eight hours. For a complete portfolio of our wedding – elopement work have a look at Dimitris Giouvris Photography. Like what you see? Let’s get in touch so we can talk about your wedding.

Families photo shoots. Though much of the villages are accessible only by walking, this might make it a little strenuous for families with small children. You definitely need to do it, maybe choosing one hour of photo shoot and a place which is easily accessible in the island.

When to book?

It’s always better to book as early as possible. This will give you enough time to plan, visualize and organize your photo shoot with your photographer. Especially if you are planning to be in Athens during the high season months between June, July, August and September.

What about last minute bookings? Though we cannot guarantee availability on a last minute booking, let us know if you are interested and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. It will be super helpful if you have two or three days of availability during your stay.

What does it cost to hire a photographer in Athens?

Check out the Athens Photo Shoot page to see prices. Choose your desired time and start talking with your photographer to plan the best time and place. Our most booked plan is the 2 hours photoshoot, with a cost of 249 euros for 100 images. One (1) hour photoshoot is 149 euros, while two (2) hours photoshoot is 249 euros.

Have a custom plan in mind, contact us for any questions.

Is Athens safe?

Absolutely YES! Athens is the capital of Greece and many tourists visit the city all year long. Even if Greece is amidst an economic crisis you will have trouble seeing that in Athens. People are super friendly, like everywhere in Greece. You will have no problem wondering towns, alleys either day or night. Even for solo (women) travelers this is probably a super safe destination.

The biggest problem is traffic, as Athens’s roads are small and narrow (relative to the USA) while been used from all imaginable vehicles. Scooters, mopeds, motor-bikes, cars and buses share the same roads so it’s bound to have accidents. Don’t drink and drive and certainly don’t drive fast and you will be alright. Athens public metro, tram and bus service offers an extensive schedule.

Having said that, it’s always nice to exercise common sense and precautions everywhere you travel, Athens as well. Be careful with your stuff and always be protective.

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