Greece is a beautiful land touched by two seas the Aegean and Ionio, featuring more than 6000 Greek islands, 227 of them being inhabited. You can wonder between 16000 km of coastline before finding the perfect beach to spend your holidays. Many of the Greek beaches have been awarded the blue flag (clean and crystal waters), where you can not only swim, but also admire the landscape, the seascape by joining one of our photography tours.

The warm climate, friendly and safe waters and relative small distances between ports, have made the Greek islands extremely popular. Each year million tourists visit Greece to enjoy their vacation along with great Greek Mediterranean cuisine, excellent wine selection.

You can discover Greek Islands during a photography tour, join us as we feature photography tours in Santorini and Tinos. Twice every year we visit these Greek islands for a five day tour where we photograph the island’s most interesting and diverse scenery. Detailed information about each tour can be found in each island’s link above.

Greek islands 5days Photography Tours

Santorini and Tinos are two Greek islands found in the Aegean sea, in Cyclades between Athens and Crete. These are the typical “white and blue” islands, you will photograph perfect white small sized houses with colorful windows and doors. Old white windmills are found in every Cycladic island, along with amazing scenery and untouched landscapes. You have the chance to photograph the most typical Greek islands, where architecture meets the blue sea.

Our tours combine vacation and photography! We focus on you during our time at the islands, as we explore interesting villages, landscapes, seascapes, beaches. Photography during the night is a welcome activity in the summer nights due to low temperatures and clear skies. Check out our multi day tours, we would love to have you travelling with us!


Greek islands Photography Tour - Santorini

Fira, view of the caldera, at Santorini island.