Have you seen the Acropolis sunset?

These are two images from a recent Night Athens Photo tour, from Lycabetus Hill overlooking the sacred hill of Acropolis.

Watch Acropolis sunset from the opposite hills

If you don’t want to climb the Lycabettus Hill, the two hills opposite Acropolis from the south are Filopapou Hill and Pnyka hill. While the view from those two hills are awesome there is no view to sunset as the sun sets on your back. Below are two images, one from Filopapou Hill and one from Pnyka Hill.

If you need to have a photo during sunset with the Acropolis, the best view if from Lycabetus Hill. You can climb up the hill, by foot from Kolonaki area, or use the cable car which is a 5 minute ride but runs every half hour (all year). If you feel adventures the sunrise view of Acropolis from Filopapou Hill is the best you can get in Athens. You just have to climb up the hill early in morning to get this amazing photo.

Acropolis night

Acropolis view from Lycabetus Hill

Acropolis sunset

Acropolis sunset view from Lycabetus hill

Acropolis sunset view from Pnyka Hill

Acropolis view from Pnyka Hill

Acropolis view (sunrise!) from Filopapou Hill

Acropolis view (sunrise!) from Filopapou Hill