Greek Islands Photography Tours

Greece is a beautiful land touched by two seas the Aegean and Ionio, featuring more than 6000 Greek islands, 227 of them being inhabited. You can wonder between 16000 km of coastline before finding the perfect beach to spend your holidays. Many of the Greek beaches have been awarded the blue flag (clean and crystal waters), where you can not only swim, but also admire the landscape, the seascape by joining one of our photography tours.

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Greece Photo Tours 2016, announcing new destinations!

We are announcing our Photo Tours for 2016, three inspiring and photography – friendly landmarks of Greece. Along with the 8 days Greece Photo Tour, we have designed three (5 days) photo tours to Santorini island, Meteora rocky scenery and Milos island.

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Viator welcomes Athens Photo Tour to travellers

Viator is one of the largest (if not the larger) website featuring comprehensive resources to worldwide travelers. Each day millions of travelers surf the Viator website to research, plan and book thousands of tours, attractions, excursions and private guides in 1,500+ destinations. Their commitment to world travel is phenomenal, they pride to feature exclusively the most interesting, informational collection of experiences, all run by local operators who have been vetted for quality and service, Viator lets everyone travel with an insider.

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Top 10 things to do in Athens

Travelling and want to spent some time on the best things to do in Athens? We focus on walking photo tours in Athens, so we gathered some of the most interesting places for you to visit while in town! Most of those sights we cover thru one of our walking photo tours in Athens city. If you still have not decided what to do in Athens, send us an email or give us a call for help!

Book an Athens Night Tour – Photography Tour

June nights in Athens are great, despite the warm weather we organized a lot of Athens night tours this year! Below are some of my favorite images i took during a Night Photo Tour in Athens. Athens Photo Tour offers four daily tours, at sunset, in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night for you to decide. We also offer a full day photo tour for those people that want to spend more time in Athens.

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Glorious Acropolis Sunset views!

Have you seen the Acropolis sunset? These are two images from a recent Night Athens Photo tour, from Lycabetus Hill overlooking the sacred hill of Acropolis. Watch Acropolis sunset from the opposite hills If you don't want to climb the Lycabettus Hill, the two hills opposite Acropolis from the south are Filopapou Hill and Pnyka hill. While the view from those two hills are awesome there is no view to sunset as the sun sets on your back. Below are two images, one from Filopapou Hill and one from Pnyka Hill. If you need to have a photo during sunset with the Acropolis, the best view if from Lycabetus Hill. You can climb up the hill, by foot from Kolonaki area, or use the cable car which is a 5 minute ride but runs every half hour (all year). If you feel adventures the sunrise view of Acropolis from Filopapou Hill is the best you can get in Athens. You just have to climb up the hill early in morning to get this amazing photo. Acropolis view from Lycabetus Hill Acropolis sunset view from Lycabetus hill Acropolis view from Pnyka Hill

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Athens Photo Tour featured in a documentary

Sofie Berlin, an independent film maker, came to Greece to film a new documentary, "Athenians in Action" which is featured in Swedish TV. Watch Dimitris Giouvris featuring Athens Photo Tour (02:05) to learn more about our business. Athens Photography tours, is a Greek company based in Athens, offering photo tours in the Greek capital and multi day photo tours in other places in Greece, like Santorini island, Tinos island and Meteora. From Sofie Berlin "The reports on the economic crisis in Greece has been many and most were black. Amidst all this is born anyway creativity to find ways to reverse the crisis. Instead of becoming victims of the crisis, actually gradually benefiting from it. Combining photography with the blooming tourism industry is the natural thing to do." Athens Photo Tour in a documentary  

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