Athens is a vibrant and colourful city, with lots of magnificent stories about history and culture to tell. With it’s Athens Tours, it is recognized as the global city due to its location as well as its importance in arts, finance, commerce, culture, entertainment, education, international trade, shipping and tourism. On top of that, it offers picturesque sceneries that definitely astound everyone.

Explore the hidden beauty of Athens while taking photos of magnificent places – go for a Morning Athens Photo Tour.

Morning photography tour in Athens is not one of the ordinary Athens tours. This is an ideal type of Athens tours for individuals who love not just exploring the world, seeing magnificent places, but also capturing the beauty of such through photography. In short, wanderlust and photography enthusiasts are able to do photography with the like-minded individuals who share similar passion.

It is like going on vacation, only that you get a chance to explore a friendly destination. This is where you can make new friends, and hone your photography with the aid of talented professional. Locating points of interest or organizing local transportation to get from one place to another is never a problem. There will be someone to create the tour and take care of your needs throughout your journey.

Athens tours, join a Morning Photography Tour visiting most iconic spots of the Greek capital

Athens Tours – Morning Photography Tours Perfect for Beginners

If you have not tried going to photography tours before, then Morning Athens Photography Tour is an ideal way to start your exciting photography tour journey in Athens. Morning Athens Photography tour is specifically designed to fit the needs of beginners. This type of Athens Tours starts on the Acropolis foothills and through walking in the Plaka’s scenic paths. We will help you explore the different beautiful city of Athens. Wonder at the ancient and historic site of Temple of Zeus through the popular Hadrian’s Gate. Participants will walk through Zappeio and discover the historic Panathinalkon Stadium where the 1896 Olympic Games took place.

Athens tours, visit the Panathinaikon stadium for a photo tour

The leads guide participants to interesting marvelous places while taking their way around the great Acropolis Hills.

Since this type of Athens tours will mostly be done through walking around, participants are advised to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes. If you wish to take the tour during summer season, the tour will take frequent short stops. Athens Photo Tour starts at a time most convenient to the participants, 09:00 in the morning, and is scheduled throughout the year.

Morning Athens Photo tours accommodate a maximum of four participants per tour. We also provide private Photo tours for you and your company. There is also a range of difficulty from beginner to professional photographer, easy walking tour, some walking of the uneven routes. Aside from seeing the beautiful sceneries around Athens, participants are also able to learn tips and tricks from professional photographers.